Universal, Closed Riser Metal Stair Support Pan for RHINO TRED Precast Concrete Stair Treads and Stair Builders

How it works

When you need to build new stairs, replace damaged stair treads, or repair stair steps. Our closed riser metal stair pan is the most affordable and popular solution for stair builders.

The universal design of our support pan eliminates the need to order custom stair components to match exact riser heights. Fits any riser height between 5 – 1/4 inches to 7 – 1/4 inches by design. The pan profile creates a closed riser stair and is designed to support the RHINO TRED Precast Concrete Tread.

The steel support pans arrive pre-formed to control the minimum stair tread depth required by the building code. The tread width is made to order.

On the job site (or at your local metal fabrication shop), the stair pans are welded directly to the stair stringers or seat angles.

When the stair is installed, the flat stair pan surface offers immediate, safe egress during construction.

After construction, RHINO TRED Precast Concrete Stair Treads are installed on the top of the support pan.

The final result is metal stairs with a finished concrete step without the cost and labor of concrete pouring and clean up.

* Optional G90 galvanized steel stair pans available for exterior use.


RHINO TRED requires a support stair pan to span between the stair stringers to support the concrete tread span. RHINO TRED does not support the stair stringers or stair load.

Note: All stair systems must be engineered, reviewed and accepted by your local building authority to meet building codes. National Redi-Tread is not responsible for stair design or engineering. Any engineering provided by National Redi-Tread is for example purposes only.

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